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Private Property

Because the Illinois River Ranch is  Privately owned,  ALL CONTRACTORS  MUST have prior approval from the IRRPOA Board before entry to or commencement of work on the POA Properties.  Please make sure that your contractor has the proper approval papers on them when entering the  property.

If  you see any suspicious activity happening, PLEASE Contact the Sheriffs Office Immediately. Also please report it to the Office. Try to get LICENSE PLATE of vehicle along with color and make & model of the vehicle. We need to be alert and watch out for each other and any suspicious activity needs to be reported and documented. Let's Keep Out Those who do NOT belong on the Ranch and protect our neighbors!

Please Remember, You MUST make advance reservations for camping and watercraft rentals.  Please visit our info page for more information.

Join us for our monthly Business Meeting scheduled on the Saturday,  after the first Friday of the month at 10:00 am,  weather permitting and it doesn't fall on a holiday.

We meet in the Clubhouse and everyone is invited.

If your looking to do some improvements on your property, this is the time and place to have the Board hear from you and get that approval that you need.

October 7th, @ 10:00am

                      September 9th @ 10:00am

August 5th @ 10:00am

July 8th, @ 10:00am

June 3rd @ 10:00am

May 13th, @ 10:00am

April 8th, @ 10:00am

March 4th, @ 10:00am

February 4th, @ 10:00am

January 7th, @ 10:00am

Monthly Meetings Schedule

JULY 2017 News

The Home going of Larry Fay Granger

On June 24th, our longtime friend, neighbor and member of the POA, passed away in his home in Proctor, OK at the age of 70. He will be greatly missed.

Larry Granger never knew a stranger and was always ready to help anyone who in need.

Larry was a retired Gunnery Sargent in the Military and he earned many medals and  military Honors in his career.  He counseled many Vets in his retirement years.

His request was that,  in his honor,  donations be made to what was very dear and close to his heart, The Wounded Warrior Project.

Scrap Lumber Needed

The IRRPOA is in need of scrap lumber to build Picnic Tables.  If you have any scrap Lumber that you would be willing to donate or know of anyone who does,  please contact the office at: (918) 723-5471

To keep current on Current Events happening at the Ranch, please check out our FaceBook Page: IRRPOA

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Illinois River Ranch LLC





Illinois River Ranch Property Owners Association

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IRRPOA Board of Directors July 2017

 One of the men who was running to get on the board in the upcoming elections, and has been identified as Howard Tate,  has been caught on Video directing,  assisting , and removing one of the IRRPOA gates and a Public Campaign Sign.  We also have pictures of him stealing  one of the POA No Trespassing/SIGNS that the POA has paid for and
posted on IRRPOA Property. 

  Do you really want someone like that on our board who does not have your best interest at heart?  Pictures  can be seen here. The video can be  seen here on our Face Book page!.

September 2017

October 2017

The Court Ordered Election took place today, October 7th, 2017.

The results are pending and will be challenged in the Oklahoma State Court of Appeal.

The IRRPOA Board will keep you updated.